Painting Services

Whalen Bros. Painting & Powerwashing Co. has many services to offer. We Specialize in Interior & Exterior painting. Below is a paragraph summarizing each aspect of our services.


Interior painting includes the proper preparation of walls and ceilings, spackling of wood trim, sanding of all surfaces, and the application of the paint itself. We keep our job sites neat and clean at all times to insure your satisfaction.


Exterior painting is done after insuring the surfaces to be painted are clean and dry. We paint aluminum and wood siding, and we refinish decks. We take every precaution not to get any paint on windows and driveways etc. Or anywhere else the paint does not belong.


Also known as pressure washing, We powerwash all homes before we repaint the exterior of the home. If the home is aluminum sided, powerwashing is mandatory to remove the chalk from the surface. (the chalk is actually oxidized paint). The chalk must be removed by a professional, otherwise the warranty on the paint is most likely to be void.

We also wash decks, you will be amazed at how an old dirty looking deck can be transformed into a thing of beauty with the work of a powerwasher and the right sealer. (pictures of an example will be found in the "job shots" section). We also clean concrete.

Textured Ceilings & Walls:

We offer several different types of texturing. We spray acoustical ceilings (popcorn style texture), and we specialize in the more modern "knockdown" texture. We have done several jobs on older homes where we have even sprayed the knockdown texture on the walls to hide the imperfections of distressed looking walls. It really looks great! The knockdown texture sort of looks like "stucco", and can give a room a nice "South-Western" look.

Faux Finishes:

We do several different types of faux finishes. such as rag rolling, sponging, and multi-spec. Unfortunately, we do not offer wallpaper hanging at this time. However, we can recommend a couple of people who's work we have seen and we liked the job they did.

Drywall Repairs:

We are experienced with most drywall repairs. However, we do not do major repairs. Please call a professional drywall company for any major repair jobs. We do fix cracks in ceilings and walls, and we may hang drywall in one or two rooms. We are not seeking employment from builders for hanging or finishing drywall.

Residential & Commercial:

We do work for most anyone. We have hundreds of residential homes behind us. And we have several commercial buildings to our credit as well.

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